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Our highest performing window, the 77IW Window System is ideal for new build and refurbishment developments. The versatility of the system also makes it suitable for use in both high-rise and low-rise buildings. The system has been specifically designed to meet the most demanding British and European performance requirements in terms of thermal, weathering and security.

AluK Design Studio77IW TBT Window

77IW TBT Window

The 77IWE system is available in a wide variety of configurations, all of which offer exceptional levels of thermal performance as a result of incorporating technologies such as thermal polyamides, insulated centre seals and foam insertions. For ease of installation, the 77IWE system has been designed to fully integrate with our aluminium curtain walling and door systems.

AluK Design Studio77IWE Open-Out Window

77IWE Open-Out Window

The Student Accommodation Window System is uniquely designed to create uniformed interfaced details. Ideal for both low-rise and high-rise projects that require purge ventilation, the system can use a range of ventilation inserts including perforated panels, grills, aluminium louvres and timber slats, as well as bespoke design panels.

AluK Design Studio58BW Student Acommodation Window

58BW Student Acommodation Window

58BW/C70S Side hung open in window with the handle along the lower horizontal portion of the opening vent frame is an Approved Document M (AD M4(2)) compliant configuration. This configuration forms a suitable safety barrier to allow for safe operation by a wheelchair bound user.

AluK Design Studio58BW LTH Window

58BW LTH Window

The 58BW system’s clean lines and advanced functionality meet the demands of almost every modern building construction. Its competitive pricing also makes it a highly popular choice with specifiers both in the UK and around the globe. Certified under Secured By Design and tested to PAS 24, it offers robust security.

AluK Design Studio58BW TBT Window

58BW TBT Window

The 58BW Window System delivers a high performance and cost-effective solution with impressively narrow profiles. Equally at home on residential and light commercial projects, the system is available in a number of formats including Top Hung, Side Hung and French Casement.

AluK Design Studio58BW Open-Out Window

58BW Open-Out Window

Designed to replace and complement existing steel windows, the range has been specifically developed for use on listed buildings, period properties, warehouses and similar industrial buildings, where steel windows have  traditionally been fitted.

AluK Design Studio58BW ST Open-Out Window

58BW ST Open-Out Window

Entrance Doors

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The AluK 77ID swing door system is designed to meet current highest thermal performance requirements & the expected future regulation changes in 2025. This system is a fully integrated with our 77 Series window system, offering options such as open in or out variants, fixed or opening side or top lights, DDA compliant low threshold, panic hardware, heavy duty hinges and is Fully PAS24 tested.

77ID Door Open-OutAluK Design Studio

77ID Door Open-Out

The AluK 77ID SG door system is a bespoke fabricated product using the 77ID system. Flexible performance and costs are achieved through the use of the latest thermal break and insulated foam insert technology. Available in a wide range of configurations including single and double doors to suit low to high rise commercial and domestic new builds or refurbishments.

77ID SG DoorAluK Design Studio

77ID SG Door

Ideal for light and medium-duty use, the 58BD Flush entrance door is fully PAS 24 tested and certified under the Secured By Design scheme. The system is available in single or dual colour and anodised finishes.

58BD Flush Door Open-OutAluK Design Studio

58BD Flush Door Open-Out

An effective choice for shop fronts, entrances and ground floor treatments, the GT55 TB provides exceptional security and performance. Delivering high levels of energy efficiency thanks to its thermally broken profiles, the system has been designed in a ladder frame construction to provide a flexible solution for low-rise glazing applications.

GT55 TB Commercial DoorAluK Design Studio

GT55 TB Commercial Door

Available in a wide range of styles and formats, our stylish aluminium entrance door system is suitable for both light and medium-duty use. Designed with security and flexibility front of mind, every door in the range is available in single and double configurations making them ideal for almost any application.

58BD Door Open-InAluK Design Studio

58BD Door Open-In

Folding and Sliding Doors

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The BSF70 Folding Door System gives maximum control over the style and operation of the doors. Multiple panels can be added to accommodate the unique design specifications of the building, with the option to open-in or out as required. The system’s narrow profile ensures that maximum glazing is achieved, flooding spaces with natural light.

BSF70 Bi-fold DoorAluK Design Studio

BSF70 Bi-fold Door

Modern, versatile and customisable, the BSC94 Sliding Door combines high performance with contemporary design to provide a reliable aluminium door system for almost any architectural project. Manufactured to the highest UK standards, this multi-configuration system can achieve sightlines of as little as 45mm.

BSC94 Lift and Slide DoorAluK Design Studio

BSC94 Lift and Slide Door

Delivering a U-Value of 1.0W/m²K (triple glazed), alongside superior water tightness of (1500 Pa), this highly sought-after system delivers enhanced capability without sacrificing style. The system’s Lift and Slide technology uses high quality fittings that both ensure ease of operation and enables panel weights of up to 400kg to be incorporated into designs.

SC156 Lift and Slide DoorAluK Design Studio

SC156 Lift and Slide Door

Ideally suited to high-end designs, the Infinium Sliding Door offers you the opportunity to flood spaces with natural light thanks to its unique completely concealed outer frame, and large glazing panels with exceptionally slim sightlines.

Infinium Sliding DoorAluK Design Studio

Infinium Sliding Door

Curtain Walling

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The SL50 is a capped ‘mullion drained’ curtain walling system designed to offer the highest performance through a combination of profile design and thermal optimisation. Offering complete flexibility of design and functionality, the SL50 has a range of glazing infills and face caps to suit any project.

SL50AluK Design Studio


The SG52 is a structurally bonded, toggle glazed and thermally broken system which enables specifiers to create impressive, continual expanses of glass.

SG52AluK Design Studio


The AW86 system has been designed and engineered to support the construction of high-rise building envelopes where unitised frames are fabricated in the factory and installed on site by crane without the use of scaffolding or external access.

AW86AluK Design Studio


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