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Welcome to the
Design Studio

The AluK Design Studio is a space for collaboration, networking, education and interaction, bringing AluK’s range of curtain walling, window and door systems to the heart of London and the international architectural community.

We invite you to take a look around, to see our innovative product range first-hand, and to use Design Studio as a central meeting space or small venue for your next construction-industry event.

AluK Design Studio spacious interior
AluK Design Studio product showroom

Systems Showroom

The Studio also showcases full size aluminium curtain walling, window and door systems; a first for London, where our clients can view and interact with these systems to understand the benefits and flexibility they offer for modern construction.

AluK Design Studio meeting spaces

Meeting and Networking

The Studio is also a meeting space; somewhere our clients and business partners can use as their own space in London, with meeting facilities and working space. So, if you need a space to escape the busy city and meet clients or get some quiet time then please get in touch to book a room.


Event Space

We host a wide range of industry-focused events in the Design Studio, including panel debates hosted by RIBA Journal, CPD presentations, product launches and demos, and networking and social events like our popular quiz nights. We also offer this stunning space for others in the design community so if you’re looking for a suitable venue, we may be able to help.

A man reading a brochure in the AluK Design Studio

Client Support

The Studio is staffed by members of our Projects Team, from both design and engineering backgrounds, to help support our clients’ projects and work with you to deliver successful projects from design to completion. Book a meeting with the Project Team to discuss your specific project in detail.

Samantha Ferguson - Google Business Review

Very comprehensive showroom. Very helpful & knowledgeable staff. Quality products.

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Interested in visiting the London Design Studio? Get in touch.

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