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The ever popular #BIMOpenMic event was held at the AluK Design Studio on 19th May and was well attended by more than 40 BIM enthusiasts.

The event is a way for ‘non-speakers’ to have their say and to fill a gap between user groups, seminars and conferences. It’s organised by Casey Rutland of Arup (@CaseyRutland) and AluK was pleased to host the event at our new Design Studio for the first time.

Casey was first up, talking about ‘jobs versus roles’ and whether being a CAD Manager makes you a BIM Manager, followed by Michael Hudson who discussed controlling the BIM chaos and how data connectivity has an impact.

Mike Turpin from @thatbimthing asked some probing questions about ‘Why BIM’ and Dayle Zieleniewski considered how graduates are being taught BIM.

Finally Simon Dean discussed construction planning using a LEAN approach and Louise Kelly, BIM Manager at Fulcro (@weezybop), asked the question ‘Why should we be doing BIM.

The feedback was great with a lot of interest and interaction in the room as well as across social media, with a final comment from Casey, ‘Be selfish about your adoption of BIM: do it because it makes you more efficient or saves you money.’

See more of this event here.

If you would like to attend the next #BIMOpenMic event then AluK is hosting it again at the Design Studio on 21st July from 6pm. And, as Mike Turpin tweeted ‘Beers delivered from the bar to your seat during presentations! Only at #BIMOpenMic’.

For more information and to sign up click here.

We look forward to seeing you there.