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We were pleased to unveil the brand new AluK Design Studio to our guests last night, who joined us to explore Emerging Technologies in Architecture. 

The Design Studio showcases our full-size installed systems, which enable our guests to gain a better understanding of how AluK can enhance their projects. Our products on show include our two dramatic 7m high curtain walling systems, which had a great response from our guests (including designers, architects, and RIBA President Jane Duncan). 

The new Design Studio is also designed to be a space for collaboration and innovation: last night, we showcased the latest exciting trends in VR (virtual reality) and 3D, along with an enlightening discussion with Peter Barbalov, a Partner at international architecture firm Farrells, and Prof Tim Broyd, Chair in Built Environment Foresight at UCL. 

Peter and Tim discussed how BIM and other technologies can help make the design process and supply chain more efficient and the UK’s reputation as a world leader in BIM, touching on prototyping, specification, and buildability. 

INITION London gave interactive demonstrations of their incredible VR technology and explained how it can be applied to architectural projects, while guests could also get hands-on with everything 3D. As well as our 3D printer, which created samples of our products, we held a 3D pen competition ‒ with prizes up for grabs. Our participants created some impressive models, including a colourful bicycle and even a crane lifting a paper version of our curtain wall systems! 

We hope that all of our guests enjoyed the evening as much as we did and we look forward to welcoming everyone tonight for the second Emerging Technologies in Architecture event.