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Explore the latest exciting developments in VR and 3D printing at our Emerging Technologies Workshop, and how they can be applied to the world of architecture.

3D printing specialists iMakr and virtual reality experts Spaces will provide interactive demonstrations and presentations throughout the evening.

3D printing workshop session by iMakr

Explore 3D printing for yourself with 3D pens and experience 3D printing in real-time. iMakr is the world's largest independent 3D printing store, with years of expertise in the industry, and will present on the incredible technology involved in 3D, how it can be used in architecture, and the future of 3D printing.

VR workshop session by Spaces

Spaces will take guests through the very latest in Immersive Property Tour Demonstrations, which will enable the user to browse through a Parisian Apartment and allow them to 'feel' the environment. With an already impressive portfolio of VR projects, campaigns and installations, Spaces can provide a unique insight into the experimental past, solid present, and affluent future of VR.

The Workshop is a great chance to experience some innovative new technologies in person at the Design Studio, and there’ll be a chance to network too.

So join in the fun: sign up today and choose which technology you would like to experience first; after a break for refreshments, guests can then discover even more in the second workshop.

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